Evelyn is a multimedia artist and Art Director at The Woods and Co., a New York City-based beauty marketing agency. Her passion for photography and graphic design started when she was a young child. Through the discovery of travel and media in her teenage years, Evelyn grew to communicate lifestyle with ideologies.  She was always fascinated with technology and the concept of sharing; whether it be images or ideas. Growing up she explored what photography and art meant to her, and discovered her art was a form of communication. This made her realize the impact that she could have with her art through marketing and photojournalism.  She pursued her passion, achieving a BFA at the University of Connecticut, studying Photography, Digital Arts, and Urban & Community Studies. While a student she was heavily involved with the school’s newspaper, digital media marketing, and public relations. Her work tells a story and embodies the connection of human life to the world that surrounds us. 


Evelyn has had various publications in fashion, lifestyle, and travel magazines and journals. In 2017, she was awarded The Greene Art Travel Scholarship for her project in Managua, Nicaragua. In addition to having photographs and designs displayed in several galleries, her work, Muse, is on permanent display in The Lodewick Visitors Center at the University of Connecticut. In her commercial work, Evelyn focuses on fashion, beauty, and wellness, creating and directing social media advertising for multiple brands. In heading several campaigns, she has organized production, directed models, and shot images to capture the visual direction of each brands' aesthetic. 


Common themes in Evelyn’s work are generated in response to current events, inspiration through nature, embracing feminism, and finding the beauty in disaster. Her hard-working and positive personality shines through in her attention to detail, composition, and editing. With every new experience, her passion grows, allowing her to produce with greater intention. 



Aislin Art & Culture Magazine (2019), Gloria Magazine (Serbia, 2017), Nasty Women New Haven Catalog (2017), Namaste Journal (2016), Long River Review Magazine (2016), UCONN Free Press (2015), and the UCONN Alumni Calendar (2016)

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